Puddle Bugs find their stoke surfing and exploring the world’s coolest and most diverse urban cities. They’re microscopic creatures that live in sidewalk cracks and other small gaps in the road. One advantage of being so small, a ripple in a puddle, bird bath or pond could be the next perfect wave!!! Our goal is to create fun, healthy and informational entertainment for our youth.  The picture book, A Leaky Fire Hydrant is our first installment, with interactive learning tools, apps, video games, animated cartoons, merchandise and apparel to follow.  

Puddle Bugs will explore and travel urban cities looking for new waves and puddles; On their journeys they will meet a host of characters and creatures that teach them valuable life lesson as well as facts about the area of the city they are in! We encourage you to take this ride with us, even and more importantly if you’ve never surfed before! Through their world, Puddle Bugs will teach our youth the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, diversity and acceptance, and the value of respecting our planet. If you’re ready to go on some of the most epic adventures on earth and to a place not often explored...Come Jump In With Us. We Promise. You’ll never look at a puddle the same!